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In light of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA irshadaat, Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS founded Zahra Hasanaat in Moharram ul Haram 1417H.
Aqa Moula TUS during 8th Moharram Vaaz in 1432H Ashara Mubaraka in Mumbai said
      “Today, I instruct the members of Jamaat and all mumineen to take care of your brothers and sisters. Provide shelter for those who do not have their own houses or are living in inadequate shelters. Provide housing for those who cannot marry due to the lack of it. Help those who are not even able to provide milk for their children; those who cannot secure a square meal, or those who do not have necessary utensils; those who are unable to afford nutritious food. Provide medical aid for those who cannot afford treatment of their illness. Many who cannot afford the education of their children push them into work thereby burdening them with the responsibility of earning a livelihood for their family. This is completely inappropriate; so, decide from today that you will help the underprivileged. Aid them with respect and dignity and in such secrecy that your left hand is unaware of what you give with your right hand, and never recount your favours. If you do so you will make the mumin happy; but more than that I will be extremely pleased. I offer you a prescription: whenever you seek the fulfillment of your desires. If you wish to own a house, then build a house for a mumin; if you fulfil your brother's desire, Allah will fulfil your desire."
The ultimate Mission of Zahra Hasanaat is to help underprivileged mumineen and their families achieve self reliance, and not just provide ad-hoc aid. It is Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin wish that this is to be achieved through personal interactions with mumineen with discrete visits to their homes. With the Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA and Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin there are numerous cases where Zahra Hasanaat has been able to achieve this Mission.
Guiding Principles
Imam Jafer-us-Sadiq A.S.'s kalaam mubarak are: He who feeds a hungry stomach, he who clothes uncovered skin, he who quenches desperate thirst and he who relieves from bondage [of despair and crisis], for him heaven is guaranteed.

Aqa Moula TUS always emphasises that we must go to Mumin’s homes and inquire about their well being.

For mumineen living in destitute conditions, just the fact that someone is concerned enough to come and ask about them is a great boost of morale. Add to that the message of Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS and the visit itself is a significant part of our mission.
The first hand experience and information that personal visits provide is essential for planning our work.
Personal visits almost completely eliminate any leakages or inefficiencies.
Principles for Volunteer Members of Zahra Hasanaat
Each member involved must be so لله في الله , with the sole purpose of helping Mumineen and motivated purely by the promise of Allah Taallah’s reward in the Hereafter. If one's objective is to attain social prominence, laudation or accolades, then they should not consider Zahra Hasanaat.
Each member must be willing to personally go to Mumineen’s homes. This has a threefold effect:
Firstly, it forces us to value our good fortune and truly appreciate and be grateful for the unlimited bounties (خدا ني نعمتو) that we enjoy, things that we often take for granted.(نعمة ني قدر تهائي)
Secondly, it makes us recognise the severe hardships which mumineen are enduring, encouraging us to help.
Thirdly, by helping in any which way we can, a sense of satisfaction and peace dawns upon us.
Being a Volunteer Member in Zahra Hasanaat is not a one-time effort. It is a commitment for an extended period of time. We welcome Mumineen to approach us to Join in this important Mission (Contact Email:________)
Focus Areas
Food Aid  (basic rations, Shehrullah Iftaar Jaman etc.)
Home Aid   (Basic hygiene, utensils, water proofing etc )
Education Aid (focus on primary and secondary education, after school programs etc.)
Medical Aid (Infant/child health, vaccinations, Weekly Medical Van, Super Speciality Medical Camps, awareness and low cost treatments and procedures)
Business Aid   (Qardan Hasana loans to help or grow small business, providing counselling and advice).
General welfare  (help in arranging marriages etc)
Operational Process: Weekly visit by at least two members (group wise/ area wise) to target areas
The Zahra Hasanaat volunteer team make personal visits to targeted areas in Mumbai and Bangalore. The focus of these visits is to identify mumineen families who have needs (Food, Medical, Business, Home Improvement or Education) create a file cataloguing their needs and then monitor the aid that is being provided.
These personal visits not only serve as a moral support for the people in distress but also eliminate the chance of misuse of funds. Based on Zahra Hasanaat members’ survey it has been estimated that there are about 7,500 needy homes in the suburbs of Mumbai. Most of them live in huts built on unauthorized land with no proper sewage or hygiene facilities very poor electricity and no ventilation. The average monthly income of these households is not more than Rs. 5,000 and the average family consists of four to six people.